Yoga Studio Owners and Clients

Terrific experience.  I am so happy I found you! 

Thank you for sharing your gifts with my students and myself. 

The workshops gave everyone exactly what they needed.  

I have heard from three separate students who attended.

Two who attended both sessions the first day have the health

issues that they had almost gone for one and completely gone for the other!  

April Gagne, Owner Aprils Yoga and Pilates, San Francisco, CA

I loved the Yoga Nidra Workshop.  I was able to experience healing from

a severe cold almost instantaneously and I intend to make Yoga Nidra

a part of my personal practice at least twice a week.
Mary Ann Plocher, Owner Rishis Crossing Yoga, Denver, CO

​Bill Eager gave a Yoga Nidra Workshop that gave my students a profound 

​level of deep relaxation for healing and transformation.  I would be happy

to have Bill offer any of his workshops in my studio!

Jeanne Verschuren Visser, Owner Yoga Studio In Flow, Holland

“The combination of Yoga Nidra with Hammered Dulcimer music helps the

residents at Rosemark Assisted Living realize a level of relaxation and

peace they really appreciate.” 

Lita Saltzman, Director of Resident Services, Rosemark

Thank you for a beautiful workshop for all my students!

Cherie Ebert, Owner, The Yoga Room

Participants Yoga and Yoga Nidra Workshops

Outstanding workshop that incorporated the practical aspects of

Yoga Nidra with the experiential aspects.  The best Yoga Nidra I have

ever had.  Bill is an extraordinary teacher and I would attend

any workshop he does.

Barbara Feeney

I could give you a hug!  I felt very much tapped into my higher self

through intention setting and Yoga Nidra.  I know that this is my

true being and it is beautiful.  

Leah Kuhlman

My son has been so excited about being able to stretch out and not hurt.  

You have made a world of difference in him and he really enjoys you

and the time you spent with him.  He made his goal of lifting 250 lbs.

Mother of a 15 year old yoga student

The truth I have discovered today is that divine energy is all around me

and the universe is full of it, and I have this within me.
Mark McGinley, MD, Hospital ER Room 

The workshop increased my awareness and educated me to the energy

of Yoga Nidra.  It reminds me to stop the insanity, and that I do

have a choice.
Anne Cohen

I absolutely loved your class! I enjoyed learning more about my

inner self and the power within me. Sunday afternoon I played

your CD. It was like being in your class again and I will definitely

use it every week. I love the sense of well being I feel afterwards.

Edna Conti

Yoga Nidra will now be a part of my practice.  Thank you!
Marissa Ross

Your workshop was extremely powerful for me.
Mary Matarazzo, Yoga Teacher Centennial Colorado

Relaxing, inspiring, creative, balancing.  Good pace.
Susanne Hoogwater

I enjoyed the Intention exercises.  Identifying sources of stress,

fears and setting my intention.  I felt it is very valuable in making

positive change to overcome those fears, and I feel much more

present and at peace.
Connie Mar

I enjoyed learning the interconnection of my being and

how it is tied to the smallest thoughts or emotions.
Daphne Handelin

I enjoyed the energy work.  Thank you!
Philip Noyes

I loved the workshop.  It reinforced many concepts, ideas and

feelings I know about the chakras.  I feel peaceful, grounded

and accepting... 

Muchas Gracias. Maria Angulo Weiss

Yoga Nidra is the most profound way to meditate that I have

ever experienced.  It leaves me with a sense of calm and joy.  

I can see the difference Yoga Nidra makes in my daily life,

with less stress and ease in my relationships. 

L. Nelson

Learning Yoga Nidra has completely turned my life around. 

Problems I had battled for years just melted away. 

Yoga Nidra is magic. I am more relaxed and at ease with

everyone and every situation I encounter!

Tom Bosma

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful Yoga Nidra. 

It was insightful and the music was light and  soothing.
I hope to cross paths with you again in the new year!
Shanti & happy full moon.
Michele Young

My name is Autumn and I just wanted to thank you!

Tonight was so wonderful.  I’ve taken it with you in the

salt cave but zoom was just as wonderful. 

It came at a perfect time and I am so thankful ❤️
Autumn Shraiberg 

Balancing Your Chakras Workshop
I found meaning doing poses that expand each chakra. 

Learning about my energy body is an area I am now opening to. 

This is exciting!
Carolyn Mc,Dowell

Feeling energized, feeling calmed within myself in this workshop.
Julie Morse

You inspired me to work more with my chakras as a tool to

enliven and drive my life towards my true self and passions.
Jen Cook

The exercises we did were really interesting and revealed much I did

not previously know.
Trish Huff

I loved the smudging ceremony and I feel very light and free. 

I love the complete balance I feel now at the completion of the workshop.
Elle Bieling, NY

I enjoyed the grounding meditation with the roses!
Laura Brenan,  Saint Simons Island, GA

Incredible, healing and enlightening.
Meg Moneghan 

Great life experiences from instructor and I learned many

new perspectives.  Thank you!
Tanja Fowler, Boulder, CO

I was completely moved on a number of levels.

I am new to all of this but intuitively knew I was ready for

something I haven’t experienced.
Teresa Shore, San Francisco, CA

Fabulous!  Great to experience the chakras and learn ways to

balance them.
Kelly Muller

I loved the pace and the exercises.  It helped me feel the

variations of the energy.  I experienced the ajna point in a very

expanded manner, and thanks for the  smudging.
Jeanne Gilbert

The space and time to experience my own energy and the

energy of others was lovely.  Thank you for sharing your

energy with us!

J. Smith

I loved the workshop. Afterwards I felt more energized, more space in my head, clearer view, happier and relaxed. You are a great teacher. Time went so fast! The workshop was good for someone who knows nothing about the spiritual world and still - also great for a yogi!  Learned some new tools. It is the way you teach - beautiful balance between listening (theory) and practice (breathing, meditation, asana, soul). Clear and structured. That you share your own experiences is a really big plus!
Sofie, Ghent, Belgium
Thanks so much Bill! 
I had a great experience and have been working on my heart chakra since my dog's unexpected passing last week. 

Morning, Bill,
I so enjoyed your class yesterday.  Yesterday, after class, I went to my daughter's home for her birthday celebration.  My son-in-law asked how the class was, and I invited him to see if he could feel my soul chakra. When my arms were moving back up, he said something, I laughed and lost my concentration.  We both opened up our eyes and between us, facing me, was my granddaugher (16 months old, a twin.). I shared my soul with my granddaughter.  Beautiful. 

Wisdom of Native Cultures - The Basics of Shamanism

I enjoy learning about the Medicine Wheels and the correlations between them as well as animal totems.

Michelle Scully

Great information and easy to use the things learned for my personal transformation and growth!

Jennifer Cook

I like the calm, peaceful way in which the material is presented along with very practical applications.

Barbara Scott

I enjoy learning about how easy it is to use Medicine Wheels as a tool for spiritual growth and guidance.

Michele Young

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My path with yoga began in 2001 as I discovered how poses and breath work have a dramatic effect on body, mind and spirit.  As the spiritual aspects of yoga opened to me, I added yoga nidra, reiki and chakra work to the asana practice and began to work with medicine men and women from native tribes in North and South American.  I am passionate about teaching yoga and energy work in a manner that is fun and meaningful for participants.  You can read a few results from students and studios below.

I have taught at studios around the world, Yoga Journal Conferences and my writings have been featured in Yoga Journal, Shape, Yogi Times, Tathaatsu and Wisdom Magazine.  ​Laurie Nelson has been playing the hammered dulcimer for more than 12 years including performances at events, yoga studios, senior living centers and salt caves.   ​

A Few Testimonials From Participants And Studio Owners