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Thrive Inside® with Bill Eager offers classes, workshops and retreats in yoga and wellness for personal and professional development.  For more than 15 years Bill has taught yoga practices for individuals, athletes and studios.  Click on ABOUT to read reviews from studio owners and participants.  Read my article published in Desh-Videsh: STRESS: Understand and Eliminate This Silent Killer.  and an article about the connection between energy, consciousness and the future in Natural Awakenings Magazine: Create a Beautiful Future Today.   ​

"If it doesn't change your life it's not yoga." Yogi Amrit Desai

​Yoga Nidra:  Optimize Your Health and Personal Performance
Yoga Nidra is a process that involves guided relaxation sessions of approximately 30 minutes.  During this time participants use personalized intentions to create energetic alignment between what they think, say and do by connecting directly to the powerful capabilities of their subconscious mind.  Yoga Nidra is a well proven state of awareness that allows participants to deeply embed specific intentions into the deepest level of consciousness.  Connecting intentions at the subconscious level creates improvement in Healing, Self Confidence, Performance and Agility.  Recovery from injury and health issues are well documented by the medical community.  WORKSHOPS:  1 day, 1/2 day and 1 hour. 

Yoga Nidra:  Realize Your Intentions in Life
This workshop is for anyone who wants to consciously create positive, sustainable change in their life. Yoga Nidra is a powerful technique for securing your intention. Yoga Nidra creates a state of conscious and deep relaxation.  In this space, Yoga Nidra uses your intentions to create energetic alignment between what  you think, say and do by connecting directly to the powerful capabilities of your subconscious mind.  WORKSHOPS:  1 day, 1/2 day and 1 hour.  Also, Yoga Nidra and Live Hammered Dulcimer.

​​Wisdom of Native Cultures 
In this dynamic workshop (1/2 day or Full Day) you will learn practical, wisdom that comes from ancient traditions including Mayans, Incas, Lakota, Navajo (Dine) and Siberians.  We will explore medicine wheels, energy clearing and intention ceremonies.  From this place of knowledge you will be able to craft a new relationship with the world around you.

Chakras: Access Health and Healing

This 1/2 day workshop will transform not only how you see the world; but also how you create and live in the world. Balance your chakras and tap into the healing wisdom of your body. Your physical, mental and energy bodies are designed to be in perfect health. Imbalance and disease is initially apparent in the subtle energy centers of your body. In this program you will learn the properties of the main chakras and how they impact your physical and emotional bodies.  Learn and experience energy techniques to ground and shift the energy in your daily experiences.   

1. READ  Bill Eager's award winning yoga book Thrive Inside™.  Available on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle.


2.LISTEN to my 28 minute Yoga Nidra and Healing CD available on Apple, Spotify and Amazon. 


3.WATCH  my Free 15 minute Chair Yoga Video and Marcelo Mansour's discussion on Vibrational Healing.